We are producing all types of tarpaulins for trucks, trailers and car trailers. The products meet all regulations for international transportation and customs. For the production of tarpaulins, we use only the COMPLAN tapestry, a product of the world's leading experts in the field of heavy textiles. We will create a tarpaulin in the shortest possible time. Twenty years of experience are the best guarantee of quality.
We offer 30 standard colors with the option of digital press. In addition to the tarpaulin, we also offer high-quality reflective strips for contour labeling of freight vehicles in order to increase their visibility, and thus traffic safety.

Classical tarpaulins

- COMPLAN canvas 670g / m2, meets all regulations for international transportation and customs. All the tarpaulins are maximally reinforced in all places where the contact is made with the construction.

Tautliner side curtain system  

XL code tarpaulins
- COMPLAN canvas 900g / m2.simple and practical opening and closing of side walls and roofs. On the tile, the height and the length of the tile are laid, and the inox direct tongs or truncheons are used for hooking. XL code tarpaulins are manufactured according to the cargo safety certificate DIN EN 12641-2 on vehicles whose upgrade was made in accordance with this certificate

Rollo-sliding tarpaulins

- COMPLAN canvas 670g / m2. Easy and fast opening / closing of the tarpaulin, ideal for frequent loading and unloading. The sides of the tiles are independent of the roof part that can be movable or fixed.

Trolley tarpaulins

- Tarpaulis are made depending on the closing system or the customer's wishes of 670 or 900g / m2. The most common closing system is the lateral winding system of the cover by means of an aluminum blade or galvanized winding tube that is fastened to the stems and tensioners.


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